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Training Management

What is Training Management?

This is a tailored service which can relieve you of the headache and hassle of the whole training cycle, allowing you to concentrate on your core business activity. We are not training providers per se but manage the whole of the training management and administration process. Starting with a strategic review and analysis, we evaluate your training requirements and compile the training plan. We agree this with you, and then undertake the management, administration and record keeping of the whole training process.

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Why do companies outsource their Training Management to us?

A number of Lloyd's Market businesses have outsourced their training management to us for many years, finding that we provide a cost-effective solution to what can be a time-consuming and rather tedious process. Because we do this as one of our core services, we have built up a deep knowledge and understanding of the training requirements of the Lloyd’s Insurance Market – and of the most appropriate ways of meeting these.

Our key personnel are trusted and respected, and work closely with you and your Human Resources team with minimum disturbance to you, whilst consulting with you at agreed stages of the process.

To quote one of our long-standing clients, who is Head of Human Resources, on his opinion of our work: "It is fantastic... I no longer have to worry about the whole training process and have full confidence that the external help we are receiving will satisfy the regulatory requirements on training, whilst embedding talent management as part of the fabric of our business".

d3 Group is a wholly independent company with no commercial affiliation with any training provider. Indeed, when we are negotiating prices with training providers, we pass on any discounts we achieve to the client.

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