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Benchmarking is the process of identifying "best practice" in relation to products and the processes by which those products are created and delivered. What d3 Group can do for you is to provide a confidential platform so that you can compare business data with your peer group. Comparisons can be carried out across a range of subjects, and mostly involves data that is difficult to obtain through published sources or is too sensitive for disclosure to competitors.

We will provide you and the other companies who have taken part with a business intelligence report including a succinct analysis of key business data in relation to your specific peer group. Anonymity is fully protected because although each participant knows the identity of the other organizations, the source of particular data is kept unattributable.

Bespoke Benchmarking Surveys

Our clients often ask us to benchmark topics or data which have not previously been surveyed. Our experience allows us to construct and manage surveys in these unexplored topic areas. We will work with you to establish a clear focus on what output is sought. By achieving this clarity of specification at the outset, and by devoting the time and energy to construct a bespoke survey, we are able to design an appropriate data collection protocol for almost any topic. This applies both to benchmarking and to internal audit surveys.

Internal Audit Surveys

Sometimes you may need an accurate qualitative and quantitative assessment of a particular part of your organisation. For example, an insurer might want to find out which of the many car repair centres which it uses gives the best service and value for money.

We can prepare an internal audit survey, which provides management with accurate knowledge about how the operations and processes of your company are working and (just as important) how they are viewed both by individuals within your business (i.e. Employee engagement surveys) and by your customers or clients.

Data from this type of survey helps you to:

  • Deliver your services in the most cost-effective manner
  • Measure internal activities, processes and communications
  • Gain information on organisational performance
  • Improve both customer experience and staff satisfaction
  • Audit internal controls
  • Comply with laws and regulations

The Survey Process

Once an outline specification has been agreed, d3 Group will canvass the peer group companies in order to establish the appetite for participation. In close consultation with you, we will then map out the detailed agenda for the survey, including the criteria and the metrics to be used.

This approach leads to the production of a benchmarking report that is uniquely relevant to the peer group's specific business sector. Each participant receives a report which gives their own data for each criterion, together typically with the median, and upper and lower quartile levels across the whole peer group.

Key Determinants for a successful Survey

Such determinants include:

  • A clear understanding of the output required from the survey
  • A consensus on the definition of the input data fields
  • Selection of data items which are relatively easy for participants to retrieve
  • A collaborative approach between us and our commissioning client, in order to identify which key peer or other organisations to involve

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