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Benefits of the d3 Group Benchmarking Surveys

These benefits include:

  • The assurance that key business decisions can now be made in relation to the relevant market sector
  • The ability to draw meaningful comparisons related to their business impact
  • Securing competitive advantage
  • Ensuring that excellent targeting makes good use of resources
  • Building a bridge between strategy and execution
  • Improving both customer and staff experience
  • Providing management with accurate knowledge of the operations and processes of your company
  • Providing management with qualitative and quantitative data
  • Obtaining unique information in return for relatively modest data input requirements
  • The ability to provide Board Committees with objective and impartial information

The Distinctive Nature of d3 Group Benchmarking Surveys

  • Our surveys are sector-specific – they provides comparisons with the relevant peer group that is of primary interest to the participants
  • Our surveys concentrate upon the chosen topic in the sector – focusing where possible on issues which have the maximum impact on business success
  • Our data selection gives comparability on the most relevant criteria for your business
  • A tightly defined set of metrics is used – this requires only modest levels of data input by participants
  • The focus of our surveys is on keeping them concise and immediately usable
  • d3 has immense experience in sector-focused surveys of this type, particularly in the financial and professional services areas

Recent examples of Benchmarking Surveys

  • Senior staff salaries, rewards and benefits
  • Travel and entertainment expenses by business unit and geographical routes
  • Solvency 2 staff remuneration and rewards to include Fixed Term Contractors charges
  • Selected business expenses
  • Bonus and Long Term Incentive [LTI] distribution patterns

Recent examples of Topics for Internal Audit Surveys

  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Client service satisfaction levels
  • The IT and Communication capabilities of staff to access corporate systems remotely
  • Claims processes & costs, legal services and call centre metrics

How we Charge

  • A survey can be sponsored by one company with the other participants receiving a copy of the output report at no cost. In this case, the sponsor of course has the main voice in specifying its contents.
  • Alternatively all the participants can make an agreed contribution on a pro-rata basis, and in this instance we aim to reach a consensus regarding the content of the survey

The opinion that staff have of the company they work for will effect staff turnover.
If you would like to know how your staff turnover compares with your peer group or other companies then please click on Staff Turnover Comparison Surveys

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