Do you know what others are doing?

Welcome to d3 Group - The Performance Benchmarking and Survey Specialists

To make informed decisions and plan strategy you need accurate comparative information...

The appointment of d3 will help you identify the key issues, trends and challenges in your industry. Performance benchmarking is a powerful business management tool that will help you critically assess how your business is performing against those of your competitors. This is done whilst maintaining complete confidentiality and anonymity and at a realistic charging structure.

Armed with this information you can make informed decisions and plan strategy based on accurate comparative data.

With over 10 years of experience, d3 Group are bespoke benchmarking and surveys specialists, working on a range of business topics. Our team have a wide range of expertise in Human Resources, Financial Planning, and learning and development solutions. We have worked in a variety of sectors, including financial and professional services; our benchmarking and survey clients include LCH Clearnet, Baring Asset Management, Miller Insurance Services, Hiscox plc, YouGov and more.


Our services in benchmarking aim to understand the position of your business in relation to others in your sector; we evaluate your organisation in terms of industry ‘best practice’ in order to help you become more efficient and progress in the right direction. Our benchmarking services allow confidential business comparison platforms in a range of subjects, providing huge benefits to your company of increased efficiency and relevancy. Benchmarking carried out by d3 Group is highly focused and sector specific, providing usable and strongly defined information to help you link strategy and execution. We specialise in Benchmarking surveys focused on topics relevant to financial and professional services, including: staff and business expenses, bonus incentives, staff and client satisfaction, and communication capabilities.

Surveys: Benchmarking and Internal Audits

d3 Group construct and manage bespoke surveys on a range of topics, designing data collection for businesses in all sectors. Our services include both benchmarking surveys and internal audit surveys, designed to present accurate qualitative and quantitative data on specific operations and processes within your organisation. To complement our expertise bespoke benchmarking and surveys, d3 Group offer services in training management and training administration, and a range of HR and Health & Safety solutions, including HR Audits, recruitment management and developing employee handbooks. Contact us for more information on any of our specialist services: from benchmarking to internal audit surveys; from training and recruitment management to Human Resources issues such as exit interviews and disciplinary issues.