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Successful companies know that engaged employees significantly improve their performance and profitability. Surveys consistently show that organisations with high engagement scores beat industry averages on every measure, including Return on Investment, Profitability, Employee Performance and Staff Turnover.

The d3 Engagement Survey provides a succinct and practical measure of employees' commitment and motivation, highlighting areas for action and improvement.

Commissioning d3 as an independent third party to conduct your engagement survey gives your employees the confidence that their responses will remain confidential and the results will be objective - two critical aspects of successful surveys. This allows you to position the survey as being of positive benefit to employees, in which their opinions will be highly valued and their contribution to achieving business goals will be recognised and encouraged.

To maximise effectiveness, the survey must:

  • allow employees to voice their ideas and feelings
  • address all the issues relevant to employees and the company
  • lead to results which are fed back to employees
  • generate actions to maintain and improve engagement

d3 is experienced in working with organisations to ensure that these key elements are incorporated simply into the exercise and help generate positive outcomes.

The Benefits

Use of the d3 employee engagement survey offers benefits which include:

  • Building a thorough understanding of employee perceptions, opinions and attitudes
  • Assisting you to develop strategies to improve staff motivation and retention
  • Increasing profitability through improved productivity and reduced costs
  • Identifying leadership and management issues which need to be addressed
  • Developing an entrepreneurial "can-do" culture based on a fully engaged workforce

How the d3 survey differs from others

  • d3 focuses on the insurance, finance and professional services sectors – providing analysis which is directly relevant to the client's business
  • The survey is tailored to address the issues that are of primary interest to you
  • The focus of the survey is on keeping it simple and immediately usable
  • d3's experienced in the insurance, financial and professional services provides cost-effective and targeted solutions.

Employee engagement has been shown to impact staff turnover.
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