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The d3 staff turnover survey provides a succinct report on the level of a company's employee turnover in relation to its competition. The survey takes information provided by participant companies and analyses this to give a market perspective on current staff turnover rates.

It is available exclusively to participating organisations, on a confidential and non-attributable basis. Each participant, therefore, knows the identity of the other organisations, but cannot track the data back to specific businesses.

The criteria and metrics used in the survey are agreed by all participants before the survey commences. Each participant receives a report which indicates its own turnover level for relevant jobs, together with the median, upper and lower quartile levels for those jobs. The reasons for leaving and the key themes revealed from exit interview are analysed in a similar way to allow a true like-for-like market comparison for each job.

The Benefits

Use of the d3 staff turnover survey offers benefits which include:

  • Identifying areas in the business where turnover levels are ahead of, or behind the competition
  • Measuring the different types and causes of staff departures (voluntary, managed etc)
  • Cost saving in relation to reduced need for recruitment and induction of replacement staff
  • Understanding leavers' principal reasons for resignation
  • Uncovering potential actions and responses which can enhance staff retention
  • Identifying areas of focus to minimise the loss of key teams and individuals, thereby protecting revenue
  • Obtaining turnover information in return for quite modest data input requirements
  • Providing Boards and HR teams with objective and impartial information

How the d3 survey differs from others

  • The survey is sector-specific – it provides comparisons with the relevant peer group that is of primary interest to you
  • The survey deals only with selected roles in your sector – the focus can be on the jobs which have maximum impact on business success
  • Data is presented both company-wide and by department, function and seniority etc – this gives comparability on the most relevant criteria for the business
  • A tightly defined set of turnover criteria is used – this requires only modest levels of data input by participants
  • The focus of the survey is on keeping it simple and immediately usable
  • Distinct from the available multi-industry surveys, it allows comparisons which are appropriate, relevant and reliable
  • d3 is experienced in sector-focused surveys of this type, particularly in financial and professional services.
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